Fantasy Font – Dwarf (Commercial Rights)


Write like a true Dwarven Runesmith! A font with more than 70 characters for your fantasy project, website, film, video or artbook.

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Dwarf Font

Empower your creativity with our dwarf font! Created in honor of the most beloved fantasy creatures, the mine-dwelling, and ax-wielding short heroes that the dwarves are. Whether you are a creator of books, games, applications, artworks, videos, filmsn!, websites or simply a fantasy fan, this font would definitely come handy when you are expressing your imaginatio


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Fantasy Font – Dwarf was successfully funded on Kickstarter with the help of 32 backers. Thank you very much!




The font was created with the most widespread fantasy dwarf tropes in mind. The letters, based on the Latin alphabet, are angular, resembling real runes while retaining a certain ‘engineered’ feeling, almost as if they had been cut of stone. If dwarves were real (they very well could be, maybe they live under your house), we are convinced they would use a writing system similar to our font.


Dwarf Font


Possible Usage


Get the commercial usage rights and enhance your products with our font!

Dwarf Fantasy Tshirt

Dwarf Hat


Dwarf Book


Dwarf Mead


Dwarf Box


Dwarf Pillow


Dwarf Fantasy


We only sell the font, no other objects!


Fantasy Font Dwarf


How to Use


Our font is in an easy to use .TTF file (True Type Font). All major operating systems, text editor programs, and browsers support it. You just have to run the file on Windows 10 and your operating system will take care of the installation.


TTF File


See how to install .TTF files on Windows, macOS and Linux:

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