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Runes of Mayhem is a fast, competitive, historical tactical card game for two, with a complete set of artistically designed, colorful cards and game elements that turn players into Viking raiders and Anglo-Saxon defenders.


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Runes of Mayhem is a fast, competitive, historical tactical card game for two, with a complete set of artistically designed, colorful cards and game elements that turn players into Viking raiders and Anglo-Saxon defenders. Rule the battlefield with powerful formations and lead your forces with mighty heroes. Overcome your opponent, destroy his fortress and reap the spoils of war! How will you earn victory?




The Full Pack contains the following items on a reduced price:



Runes of Mayhem (Print and Play)

Runes of Mayhem – Traps Expansion (Print and Play)

Runes of Mayhem – Towers Expansion (Print and Play)

Runes of Mayhem – More Units Expansion (Print and Play)

Runes of Mayhem – Mercenary Expansion (Print and Play)



Runes of Mayhem is highly enjoyable from the very first play, with a level of tactical depth that makes it feel like a Wargame. Intense, yet lightweight, the game can be played with offensive or defensive strategies, and allows building momentum and speed as well as pausing for a while and trading. Many paths lead to victory, but only if you pay close attention and grasp the pace of the game. In Runes of Mayhem, you decide what road to take!




Runes of Mayhem was successfully funded on Kickstarter with the help of 410 backers. Thank you very much!



The players face each other on the battlefield, they create powerful formations and lead their forces to victory with the aid of mighty kings. The game features tokens and dice expanding it beyond the limits of a mere card game, creating an exciting combination of tactics and luck.




Runes of Mayhem is a game where choosing the right units, using the proper abilities and formations are vital, but luck matters too – after all, you cannot wholly control the mayhem of an epic battle. If you play your cards right and lead your units as a true tactician, you can render your opponent unable to roll, eliminating most of the luck factor.

For an in-depth look at the gameplay and the game mechanics, check out these videos or read the rulebook below:










Print and Play (PnP) is a great way to play a game for just a few bucks.

Print the game at home or at a business offering printing services, cut it and go on the raid with us!



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Runes of Mayhem

2 reviews for Runes of Mayhem – Full Pack (Print and Play)

  1. Alex

    Very nice art, good potential to make a perfect game, but the rules are lacking normal editing and justification of use of all units and expansions.

    I bought the game together with Arcanum Guardian on Kickstarter, printed with all expansions and tried to play.

    Game-play is not bad, but there are some important gasps to be patched in the rules:

    1. The beginning of game is not well described. To start it I had to look the video of gameplay by the creators. Otherwise you will not understand if you have to follow all steps like in normal game turn (which is not true), or to omit some (which is true, but is not described well in the rules). More detailed description of first round is needed – who and what is doing on the very first round for each of players.

    2. The use of looters by the Vikings – to my strong belief it has to be improved. Looters must not only block production tokens, but they should also contribute something to the coins of the Vikings.

    3. Expansion sets are very promising, but they have the same problem – the rules are not finalized. They are not even 50% complete for the expansions. For example, what is the advantage of having Towers for Anglo-Saxons? Vikings may still continue attacking everybody and everything without any penalties.Also not very clear how to use additional heroes from the expansions.

    4. One more proposal for the creators – create for sale extra sets of plastic tokens and coins. As for me, I bought on Miniature Market the set of “Swords & Sails: Metal Coins – 7 Player Pack” and I am now playing with metal coins (yellow paper coins are replaced by Copper Justinian Follis-40Nummi and white paper coins are replaced by Silver Ætherlred II Pennies). They are not 100% authentic, but it looks and feels much better. To make it cheaper you may order production of copies of Anglo-Saxon and Vikings plastic coins. And definitely the dice. If you do not want to get involved with physical copies – you may offer relevant files for 3D printers.

    In general the game is interesting and with incredibly good arts, but needs at least the improvement of rules.

    • Marton (verified owner)

      Thank you very much for taking the time to review our game Alex, we appreciate it!

      We have reworked the rulebook by now, filling many holes and correcting errors – however, we did not plan to explain individual cards too much, just where it was necessary. This reworked edition will be printed for the first release and also will be publicly available after the release so all PnP players will have it too.

      Looters: while developing and testing the game, we tried what happens if they also provide gold to the Viking player, but that proved to be too unbalanced. Hence why the Anglo-Saxons only have a hero that can steal one Production-markers else it would be too strong.

      First turn: it is indeed a normal turn, except that you cannot attack (since you have no units, but that could also occur later on during the game), so you skip the Combat-phase, and you can set your Production-markers after drawing cards.

      Towers: it could be that the beta rulebook is not clear enough but Towers are very much useful. If you move a unit into a Tower it provides powerful bonuses. Also, the Fortified Tower forces the Vikings to siege the Tower instead of the Fortress.

      Have fun playing!

      – Marton Orban

  2. spammeidontcare1

    This game is very enjoyable and one of the best quality PnP I have ever seen. The artwork and the overall feeling of the game is awesome, and I am sure with the reworked rulebook the game will be even more amazing!

    • Marton (verified owner)

      Thank you very much, have fun playing!

      – Marton Orban

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